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11:31pm 31/07/2003
mood: awake
Ugh... Mika's going crazy, I think she's the only person in this family that cares for what happens to the old man and the Temple... Why didn't he force her to inheirit it all and be the Miko???

o.o'' Now I'm starting to sound as cold as my brother -.-''

I've gotta get out of the house soon, I'm starting to go crazy too -.-'''

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01:54pm 06/07/2003
mood: aggravated
The old man's sick. This time for real, I dunno if I should be happy or sad but everything's so tense and serious around the house. Sheesh, I almost wish something would happen already!

Mika-neesan came home a week ago, if she's here then I'm pretty sure another "family reunion" is pretty inevitable. *sigh* Oyaji's making a huge deal over how the temple's being taken care of, I can't even go out another more without Mika noticing. She's a cool sister but she takes the old man's side too often >_<''

She even made me take over one of the so called "business" of the temple. Which reminds me, I did my first exorcism yesterday. Some old traditional family believed that their daughter was being possessed each night. I personally think she was sleepwalking rather than having some ghostly rendevouz but I didn't think I'd get paid if I said that. Funny how some people would rather listen to a teenager mumble some old Buddhist prayer rather than a certified docter.

Ah, Shuichi gave me Ryuichi's number, supposedly I'll try calling tonight... if some ojiisan answers instead I'll know who to strangle ~_^

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05:42pm 23/06/2003
mood: melancholy
I'm beginning to feel terribly unloved, the world utterly hates me ;_;

My old man only sees me as a 'subsitute'.

My own brother ignores me and shuts the door in my face, if we meet in public he claims he's never seen me before...

I thought I had a little pink-haired friend but it seems I'm the very absolute last thing that ever comes to his mind...

The love of my life doesn't even know I exist~!

WAH~~! The world hates me ;_;

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10:19pm 01/05/2003
mood: hopeful
I'm literally gonna drop dead soon ;_;

Being just 16, going through training to be a monk, endure highschool daily, keeping track of the lastest Ryuichi items (I am his No. 1 fan) while looking as good as I do (^_^) really takes a lot out of a guy.

I heard Bad Luck will have a concert soon, finally something fun to do! Maybe I'll spot Ryuichi there, he always goes to Shuichi's concerts...


Shuichi, we're friends... won't you pull some strings and get me a seating arrangement as close as possible to Ryuichi (as in right next to him) ^^''

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first entry!   
01:57pm 05/04/2003
mood: horny
Man, I'm soooo bored!
I my thinking should be focused on my exam but there are other things I'd rather be thinking about.. like... *stares at a large Ryuuichi poster*

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